Please see our 2022 research report Slow Train Coming? Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in UK Music Higher Education.

Sounding Change

EDIMS is a cross-organisational network which aims to promote, support, and share good Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) practice in Music Higher Education in the UK.


We maintain a list of resources to support good EDI practice: links to useful websites, reports, teaching resources, scholarly literature, media articles, and more.

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We run Open Forum events intended primarily for staff and students in the Music HE sector, as a space for discussion, exchange of ideas, and reflection on current practice.

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Working Groups

We have a number of working groups, each with a specific remit and aligned with the network’s main activities. If you’d like to get involved or have an idea for an additional group, please get in touch!

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Affiliated Organisations

The Network is affiliated to a number of music organisations and supports and promotes work seeking to redress historical exclusion and under-representation in relation to a range of areas in Music HE, including but not limited to class, disability, ethnicity, gender, neurodiversity and sexuality.

We hope that raising awareness and facilitating change will lead to a re-envisioning and fostering of educational and research environments that are welcoming to all and in which everyone feels enfranchised. This includes listening to voices that have been historically excluded as a result of structural inequalities.

We believe that music should be a means of celebrating human diversity, and understanding ourselves from multiple perspectives in ways that are fundamentally enriching.

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We welcome anyone who would like to be involved in and contribute to the Network. You can also receive updates about our activities by email.