Physical, Sensory, and Cognitive Differences

David Bretherton and Alice Jeffreys (Co-Leads) ✉️

This Working Group comprises people involved in music in higher education, with diverse personal experience of, or a professional interest in, physical, sensory and cognitive differences. We are committed to identifying, raising awareness of, and tackling the inequalities experienced by staff and students with these differences in music in higher education in the UK today. Our goal is to facilitate change towards a truly accessible, inclusive, and welcoming environment, which values and celebrates the contributions of everyone. 

The majority of our group identifies as disabled. We understand disability to be the barriers that people with physical, sensory, and cognitive differences, whether visible or invisible, experience through their environment, the attitudes of others, and expected modes of communication. We work with a broad definition of physical, sensory, and cognitive difference, whether present at birth or acquired, including medium- and long-term medical conditions, illnesses, and mental health diagnoses.

Anyone working within or studying music in higher education in the UK who has an interest in physical, sensory, or cognitive differences is welcome to get in touch.

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