Open Forum, 25 April 2023

The next EDIMS (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Music Studies) Open Forum session will be held on Tuesday 25th April at 1pm-3pm (BST).

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This forum will be on on Aural-/Neuro-Diversity and is an opportunity to explore these widespread but very underrepresented issues. Roughly 20% of the population have recognisable neurodivergent traits, and it is possible, though under-researched that this percentage is even higher in the Arts industries and Higher Education. The world of HE is catching on to supporting neurodiverse students through their studies, but there is little acknowledgement of the value and needs of neurodiverse staff. Aural diversity is also something rarely if ever discussed in the context of music studies, but is something which many encounter without the tools and vocabulary to have meaningful discussions around. The range of ways in which we hear and think differently can lead to a rich and creative professional environment, but too often the systemic assumption that most of us are in some way ‘typical’ places obstacles in the way of many colleagues and students.

This session will be structured in two parts with a break mid-way. It will begin with an introduction to Aural Diversity with Prof. Andrew Hugill (University of Leicester) who has recently co-edited the first book on the subject (Routledge 2022). The second part of the session will be a more open discussion with Andrew and other neurodivergent academics working in Music HE, Dr Emily Baines (Brunel University), Dr Pete Furniss (Goldsmiths, Univeristy of London), and Prof. Allan Moore (University of Surrey). Participation in this discussion, which will include areas for future research among other subjects is encouraged, particularly from current students.

The event will take place on Zoom and participants will be sent the link the day before. (Please note you will need to be logged into a Zoom account to attend)

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