Edoardo Chidichimo (Lead) ✉️

The Undergraduates Working and Reading Group is dedicated to creating an open platform in which discussions, concerns, ideas, and experiences can be freely expressed, encouraging a myriad of topics including:

  • decolonisation and methodological responsibility, particularly in ethnomusicology and ethnographies;
  • awareness and considerations of sociocultural markers in music studies including gender, race, age, class, disability, and other intersectional concerns; and
  • discussions on how we might confront and productively engage with institutions to enable change successfully.

Undergraduates Reading Group events

Each session will have a main theme in which participants are encouraged to bring their own contributions (whether initial thoughts or personal experiences) and are also invited to engage with, and perhaps challenge, others’ contributions, too! Crucially, the topics shall, for the most part, revolve around concerns in Music Studies.

The reading group discusses readings provided by both the leader and participants who put forward any resource they feel interesting or relevant (this can include poetry, articles, book passages, compositions, short quotes, etc.)! Participants are encouraged to put forward different topics that may be relevant or of their interest. This group meets bi-termly (one near the start and the other towards the end of term) via Zoom. We hope to see you there!

Session 5 of the Undergraduates Reading Group, on ASD and Music, is due to take place in March 2022 (date TBC).

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